Put the Insta back into Instagram! Bring Spontaneity back into photography. Citograph 35mm

Capture life instantly and spontaneously

Sometimes, perfect photo opportunities can pass by in a flash. We’ve all been there: we spot something we’d love to photograph but by the time we’ve grabbed our SLR out of the bag, adjusted the focus and framed the shot, the moment has passed. Or we might use our smartphone to take a quick pic but the resolution just isn’t great.

Our solution?

We want to produce a professional-grade lens that will put the “Insta” back into Instagram! We want to bring the spontaneity back to photography while maintaining the highest standards of photo creation.

The C.P. Goerz CITOGRAPH 35 is a revolutionary type of lens – the next big thing in photography. The angle of view corresponds with your natural viewing angle.


What you see is what you get – instantly.

Watch the world around you, take part and capture the crucial moment without hesitation or delay. No holding back: there are no mechanics in the lens to slow you down so you’re always ready to shoot.



How does it work?

The CITOGRAPH 35mm is the world’s first ever hyperfocal citography lens, designed to capture a unique moment in time, just as YOU see it. The camera sees what you see. All you need to do is hold up your camera and snap away. Instantly. In the moment.



“The CITOGRAPH 35 lens gives you the best of both worlds: the speed of your smartphone with the image quality of your SLR!”

There is no autofocus, no zoom, no adjusting your aperture. Thanks to a fixed aperture and hyperfocal technology, everything from 3m to infinity is automatically in focus. The Tessar-type lens gives you great sharpness and is packed into a hyper-flat lens design that is both cool and innovative.

The lens gives you endless opportunities to express yourself and create a personal photo diary of your surroundings as you experience them through your own eyes. Support our campaign to help us make this vision a reality.




Citography is a completely new form of spontaneous and pure photography, allowing you to create beautiful and highly professional photos of the world around you – create images that are just as unpredictable and spontaneous as life around you.

With the CITOGRAPH 35mm, you can truly express yourself and tell your very own story – from your own unique viewpoint, without compromising on image quality. It offers a creative freedom that has so far not been possible in photography.

“No cumbersome focussing, no staring through the viewfinder, just shooting – even from the hip, quite literally!”

It is the perfect universal lens for this new way of documenting life – citography. With a focal length of 35mm, the possibilities are almost endless: it strikes the perfect balance between a standard-angle and wide-angle lens. And thanks to its hyperfocal technology, you can take stunning pictures of fast-moving objects – talk about capturing a fleeting moment!

Nature photography

The CITOGRAPH 35 lens is ideal for nature photography: it creates pictures that have real depth to draw the viewer in. Black and white documentary-style photography The CITOGRAPH 35 lens is also brilliant for black and white documentary-style photography and creating stylish and timeless images.


“I’ve been working in photography for over 25 years. Street and portrait photography are my two biggest passions and my work has taken me all around the world. I am not a big fan of ‘staging’ my pictures, I’d rather capture the world around me as it is and use different techniques to put my unique spin on it.
The 35mm focal length is ideal for this kind of photography. And I always use an f/8 aperture to achieve the best possible image depth.

So far, other lenses have always been either too bulky for me, or the autofocus took too long when trying to take a spontaneous photo. On top of that, most lenses don’t have an exact focus range. So I ended up missing out on a lot of photo opportunities.

This is how the idea of the CITOGRAPH 35mm was born. With its fixed focus, I am always ready to take instant, high-quality snapshots. The lens is also extremely compact – it easily fits into my bag and goes with me everywhere! And thanks to the large sensor, the CITOGRAPH takes amazing pictures even in low light.”



The lens

We have chosen a Tessar-type lens. This lens construction is known for its sharpness but can also be built in a very compact manner which was key to our mission. It has the necessary basic sharpness and contrast required to create those expressive images.

A few technical remarks

We made the lens super easy, no technical background is needed. But here is a little information on how to use it.

Set your ISO setting to automatic and select “time automatic”. That’s it! You’re ready to go and create your own citography world. You won’t miss anything around you anymore.

Focal length 35 mm
Magnification ratio 1:8
Optical construction 4 elements in 3 groups
Field of view +/- 31°
Distortion ≤ 1% Light loss max. 27 %
Focussing 3m bis ∞
Filter thread M 37 x 0,75
Dimensions Ø 58 mm x 23 mm
Weight ±. 120g



C. P. Goerz American Optical Co Inc.